Chris had many years of practical filmmaking experience before enrolling into New York Film Academy in New York to study filmmaking (2009). Chris was the Stunt coordinator & Assistant Director on Award-winning films such as “A Sting In a Tale”, “Adams Apples Chapter 4”, “Checkmate” and others.

His interest in the world of film grew evidently and so did his passion for Directing. He did his own stunts and fight choreography for films like Flower girl, Sylvia and Devoted. He was the director and producer for a magazine TV show called Rythmz TV, which he also hosted for a number of years. There is definitely more to see from this side of Chris Attoh the Director.

Under Directorials, some of Chris’ works include One More Day, Jamestown, Devoted (Feature Film), A Sting in a Tale, Checkmate, Adams Apple chapters 3 & 4, The Devoted (Short Film), The kiss (Short Film) among others.