While many people grow faint and give up on their hopes and dreams too soon, he is proof that dreams do come true. For more than 20 years, actor, change agent and storyteller Chris Attoh has graced the screens of televisions and movie theaters around the world.


From South Africa, London and Ghana, to Nigeria and now the U.S.A., Chris has put his heart and soul into what he calls his human art form of acting. Featured on Netflix, Amazon Prime, CNN, NBC and The New York Times, to name a few, Chris is crystal clear that his success—and his success to come—is about so much more than him alone.

A household name in many parts of Africa, Chris is an international actor originally from Ghana, West Africa—a story worth telling on the big screen in itself. After having first trained at Pinewood Studios in London, United Kingdom under Tim Kent as an actor, Chris then relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa to further hone his acting skills. When he later moved to Nigeria, he landed his first opportunities for feature roles in several movies.


In addition, Chris was fortunate to study as a Director/Editor at the New York Film Academy—a feat many students only dream of. When he returned home to Africa, he successfully directed a number of features and television shows for local networks. As a young chief and leader among his people of Jamestown, Accra in Ghana, Chris not only made a difference among his people. He has touched the hearts and minds of thousands, if not millions, of people he may never meet.